The Adventure of Egg, Lime and Chili


A weekend late year 2015, while we were chilling out after having some big steps forward on our first feature film planned to be in production next year, Tuan Doan – Founder and Director – suddenly asked: “What would an egg do if it was alive?”. Surprised by an unexpected question at first but we then recalled a project that we had just stopped the day before. Tuan at that time had the vision for a serial slapstick comedy which could be universal, no dialog, short and funny. We all saw the potential of going international with this series and that how it all began.



The character designs had gone through a couple of versions before we had our final decision. At first, we had a common approach of creating round shape eyeballs and mouth with detail oral cavity as we usually did in our human characters. Tuan then wanted to keep it simple because “less is more” and a very stylistic facial approach was signed off. We separately designed different sets of 2D flatted eyes and mouth shapes. We then combined, mixed and matched them together to create very interesting and unexpected facial expressions. We had a lot of fun playing with that like we took an age-old technique of traditional replacement animation and combined with 21st century technology of CGI. How cool was that!


The world of Egg, Lime and Chilly is in a kitchen where there’re not only the funny things but also the dangerous and unexpected situations. That’s the world of sharp knives, hot fire. At the same time, however there is a kitchen sink to swim in during hot days, there are bowls, dishes, pots, pans, Lock and Lock food containers… on the shelf to play hide-and-seek. It’s like our childhood games was scaled down and put on the kitchen tabletop with full of familiar cooking equipment as well as our favorite Nutella, peanut butter, Sriracha chili sauce, Heinz tomato ketchup, to name just a few.

Moreover, we wanted to expand the world even bigger so it’s not only a small eastern kitchen but it also could be any kitchens around the world where our characters can meet a Sushi Samurai in Japan or help Spaghetti ladies escape Italian La Cucina and a lot more you could imagine.