The Adventure of Egg, Lime & Chilly: Super Short Film

Colory has always wanted to make a short series in which the main characters are types of food in your everyday kitchen. Only until 2015 was the idea put into production as a new project called “Food Adventure”, and had its pilot THE ADVENTURE OF EGG, LIME & CHILLY, which won first prize at VKAF Korea 2016.

“If you want a great idea, start with a great many ideas.”

After more than a year thinking about the next step for this project, in 2017, Colory organized an internal competition “Super Short”, encouraging everyone in the studio to contribute their stories about these three little friends: Egg, Lime and Chilly. Each short is less than 20 seconds in length and has no dialogue. The competition immediately got positive responses from all members, more than 30 stories were submitted and 20 of them were selected and proceeded to the next step. Here are some of which we have managed to produce.




Production and post-production stage took place within 2 weeks. Our method was to animate 3D characters on real-footage background. By doing so, we had a chance to bring our characters alive in real surroundings. Each clip was assigned to one animator, who was also in charge of doing the sound for it, including finding the right music, making foley by using every object they could find in the office. That was one very interesting part of this project as an animator had to learn how to make foley or mix music from the beginning.

Regrettably, we had to put a pause on this competition for some reason although there were a lot of unfinished scenes. However, the experience we gained does count and the adventure we had is memorable. In the future, “Food Adventure” will restart with energy and vigour.