Unblur Creative x Vsmart – A Proud Journey

Let’s Face The Challenge:

150 real 2D faces typify outstanding Vietnamese individuals. Viruss, Hoang Thuy Linh, 1977 Vlog, H’Hen Niê, Helly Tong, Schannel, Pham Nhat Vuong are some notable ones. 

These 2D faces must be applied into a video which contain dynamically dancing models. 150 faces. In energetic moving bodies. To be done in a short time. Colory know that we have to make the person appearing in this video feel like themselves. It’s challenging to apply several 2D surfaces perfectly into a 3D model clip, with the clock’s ticking. 





Colory Dig A Way!

Colory’s artist works with our technical guy to create a coding system. This helps save time and pushes the production lines faster. 
First time applying this coding method into our pipeline. However, to have the best quality, when done with the code, we still edit. With bare hands. Details by details.  Until the models look more human.


Big Thanks To Our Client – Unblur Creative:

Like our dear client’s name – Unblur Creative – this project gives us a chance to learn and adapt something new. The ability to work in ambiguity leads us to try new things. Because sometimes, you have to reach out of your comfort zone to make it done. 

Huge thanks to our nerdy engineer guy for his effort on the code, and our keen artists for keeping eyes on details, as always.
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