Vincom – A Merry Christmas (Timeless Happiness)
Final title: Timeless Happiness

Christmas is coming. Colory are so happy to be selected by Vincom to work on this Christmas project. The goal from the beginning is to create characters and decorate the space of Vincom malls. Characters should be simple and look like plastic toys.




Then, the team came up with a small idea (not really small for the production team TT.TT) :

“Why don’t we tell a small story with our characters?”

In short, let’s make a short film! First, we turn the model of the characters – which was made to become toys figure – to being fully rigged. Then we race with time, thanks to the hard work from everyone, now we have it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Original Story Vincom Team
Vincom team
Project Manager Pham Thai Ha
Creative Hieu Tran
Colory Team

Script writer & Director

Doan Tran Anh Tuan
Producer Doan Thuc Anh

Phan Hong Ngoc Chi

Concept Art Hoang Kim Bao

Pham Huu Ngan

Nguyen Hoang Nguyen

Le Huu Dat

Storyboard Le Huu Dat
CG Director Nguyen Hoa Thanh
CG Head Pham Chi Tam
 CG Artist Nguyen Tran Khanh Ha

Nguyen Son Tung

Huynh Dan Khoa

Animator Xan San

Tran Nguyet Binh

Nguyen Thanh Tuan

Nguyen Thi Lan Anh

Nguyen Thi Kim Thuan

Nguyen Ngoc Anh

Dong Si Minh Quan

Duong Thanh Hieu

Tran Khanh Hiep

Huynh Nhu Ngoc

Tran Cao Bang

Nguyen Hong Son

Nguyen Van Phan

Nguyen Minh Tuan

Nguyen Ngoc Huy

Mai Hoang Tuan

Engineer Diep Quoc Huy
LRC Lac Viet Xinh

Nguyen Son Tung

 Communications Lead  Tu Doan