Dentsu One x Sanofi Pasteur – Vaccine Heroes

In this project, we need to create a 90-second video to help convince the kids to get vaccinated annually.

About the character design
At first, Colory design the virus characters with different stylized shapes based on their symptoms on the patient.
But our client – specializes in medical field – has another viewpoint. With client’s suggestions, we change the whole design of the virus. Still stylized. But based on the real shape of virus.

line up

character_PR1 character_PR2

You may find it similar to the 2019-nCoV – which is known as the Wuhan Virus. You are right because it’s the “youngest brother” in the “Coronavirus Family”. More info here.

Thanks to great support from scriptwriter, director and song writer, finally we are able to put all the messages needed into a song and finish the animation video in such a short time.

We hope this song will become more popular to raise awareness for everyone about the seasonal flu and the simple way to avoid them – get vaccine.
In this case, enjoy the song, protect yourself.

Creative Agency . DENTSU ONE
Production Colory Animation
Producer Doan Thuc Anh
Concept Art &
Le Huu Dat


CG Director Nguyen Hoa Thanh
CG Lead Pham Chi Tem
CG Team Nguyen Luong Tho

David Rodriguez

Huynh Dan Khoa

Tran Thai Duong

Duong Nguyen Minh Thuan

Animators Nguyen Ngoc Anh

Xan San

Le Phi Hung

Mocca Animation

Irgo Pichardo

Hassan Yola

System admin &
Phan Hong Ngoc Chi
Diep Quoc Huy
 Head of Communications  Tu Doan