T&A Ogilvy x Clear: Toc Tien Clear Head


Clear 2


 See how we do this AI model here


Let’s make it more “human”!


Clear is a well-known shampoo brand for its modern and futuristic lifestyle. That’s why after project digital human Bo, we have another chance to work with T&A Ogilvy for making brand ambassador of Clear comes into an AI Model. In the scanning photoshoot, we have to scan every details of her body to have a full view of her body, from head to toe, from eyelids to teeth. The toughest part is that to depict the human feel yet it must also look robotic. So time pressure on the scanning shoot is noticeable.




The 5-second counting method


Thanks to the professional working style of the model, our scanning time goes smoothly. To get the time go right, there are 1 scanner guy, and 1 photo reviewer who support each other. Short time in one scanning section may lead to the fact that we don’t “absorb” enough all the details in model’s body. And way too long may prolong the production phase in the photo scanning. That’s why we come up with a rehearsal scan 2 days before the shoot, then figure out another method: 5-second method.


You may ask why 5, not 3 or 10 secs? That’s because 5 secs is the approximate time for a scanning section. The scanner just simple count from 1 to 5, then the photo reviewer can easily look through one section when it’s done. This method runs the pipeline and timing in the section goes perfectly wonderful.


Plastic skin & Weird scalp line


Skin texture – one of the key part of the model – has the plastic look for the futuristic and robotic feel. Also, about the hair, if you take a closer look at the line, you will see it glowing. This glowing thingy even has the same color with some part of the suit. The glow light color is a mix match with the brand color guideline and gives an icy feel to viewers. So plastic look and hair scalp line are all of our intentions from the beginning.


One of the toughest challenge in this digital human project is digital tailor. Fashion draping is based on details of the fashion designer. But thanks the team and their willing to learn, they are become 3D artist by day and “fashion designer” by night.


Loads of hard work








Hard work pays off. Thanks to our team, technical guy and producer girls, things run well before the scanning date. And big hug to our scanner Tri for his proactive suggestion.


Want to trigger the AI witty mind? Go here and comment something, she will respond ASAP.


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