TH TopKid – A football match

We are proud to show our latest animated short for TH Topkid brand. The script we have is a cute and simple MV about a football match. Characters are 2 little lovely brother and sister and a bunch of animals.

Character designs by Le Huu Dat

An project with a lot of grass!

Final Title: Bài hát bóng đá

Just another youtube video? Hmmm, maybe, but we chose another way to approach the script. Begin with the most important keyword of TH brand: Natural.

So, to us, the most important objective in this movie is bringing the natural feeling into the film. We know we can achieve that goal by using images of wild flowers on green grass, white clouds in the blue sky.

That’s why the grass is so important to the film.
Instead of using just flat texture, our CG supervise suggested creating a true 3D green field of grass -which means extra millions of polygons need rendering – which is a lot more work for cg team.



Thank god we made it.

Of course, we cannot complete this project without the help from our friends from Vietnam and around the world.
Creative Agency . NEXT Creative
Production Colory Animation
Producer Doan Thuc Anh
Concept Art &
Le Huu Dat

Pham Huu Ngan

Hung TC

Hoang Kim Bao

CG Director Nguyen Hoa Thanh
CG Lead Pham Chi Tem
CG Team Nguyen Luong Tho

David Rodriguez

Nguyen Son Tung

Animators Nguyen Ngoc Anh

Xan San

Le Phi Hung

Le Truong Thanh Lam

Henderson Weffer

System admin &
Phan Hong Ngoc Chi
Diep Quoc Huy