Milo – The Top Secret Mission

With the duration of 5 minutes, this film will be used to serve little kids in Milo summer campaign. However, Colory can only show a few footages, we hope you enjoy.

An energetic project with combination of 3D, motion graphics and frame by frame 2D animation

Final Title: Milo Điệp Vụ Tối Mật


As someone who loves adventure and endurance sports, each individual in this team is particularly fond of Milo’s previous commercial videos. Thanks to that, Colory immediately understood the brand’s insight: Modern, strong, decisive and enduring (and hard-working).


The requirements from our client were straight and clear:

No bright or cute style like other normal 3D animation videos, 2D style.
Strong, energetic mood and tone.


Getting great inspiration from Spider Man Into the Spider-Verse for the images style and characters design, we went with 2D shading render technique. We decided to use Blender 2.8 for this project although it was only a beta version at the time, as it supports both 3D and frame by frame 2D animation.


We quickly recognized that changing rendering method is not enough. In order to meet client and director’s requirements for the look and feel, Colory needs to change our pipeline as well: from designing and building character, rigging, animation to of course, rendering and compositing.


First test of character Rigging stage, at the time the project was running.
The rigging system on 2.8 was quite unstable, hence we decided to rig and animate on Maya.
Thank Mr Trong Hoan for giving advice to solve the rigging problems.


milo_gif_na_jump milo_gif_na_jumpRun

Some simple 2D effects were also added to the 3D scene using Blender. The others were added in Compositing stage.

milo_gif_na_slide milo_gif_tin_run

In this new pipeline, animation was done in Maya. Then we transferred animation data to Blender using alembic package. With Blender’s new 2D tools, we could switch from 3D to 2D frame by frame on the same scene.




From the perspective of project management and pipeline design, this project is quite complicated by jumping around with a lot of different tools. However, with the freshness, creating new things, turns out, our team enjoys it a lot.



Nestlé Vietnam


Creative Agency Ogilvy Vietnam
Production The Producer Team
Colory Animation
Colory team


Doan Tran Anh Tuan
Producer Doan Thuc Anh
Nguyen Minh Vu
Concept Art &
Le Huu Dat
Nguyen Nhu Quynh
CG Director Nguyen Hoa Thanh
CG Lead Pham Chi Tem
Animation Lead Xan San
Animators  Nguyen Ngoc Anh
Tran Nguyet Binh
Phan Nhut Ha
Tran Cao Bang
Mai Hoang Tuan
Hand animation Studio
Compositor Nguyen Thanh Hung
Motion Graphics Mighty Stone
System admin &
Phan Hong Ngoc Chi
Diep Quoc Huy

Voice Talent & Recording

Tien Phuong Studio
Kantana post-production
Fan Studio
Sonar Studio
Special thanks to  Nguyen Trong Hoan