In 2012, we were approached by FrieslandCampina to produce 52 episodes x 5 minutes TV Series – CÙNG LÀ DŨNG SĨ as part of a viral campaign for their famous brand – Fristi. With less than 10 people at that time, this project seem to be way out of reach with a studio that had just barely started. However, with a lot of hard work, we successfully delivered one episode every week throughout the year. And the part we like the most is seeing many and many kids after many year still love our characters, our story. We belief that the most precious gift that an animation studio could dream of.



Neros, Jazzmin and Kenji are on the way home when their spaceship is crashed into Delta planet. They meet a new friend named Kun there. Black Force now occupies Delta – a central planet which manages and controls the four precious things from the four other planets, and preparing for the big fight towards the other four. There are four precious things in each planet and Black Force wants them all. With the power from those five precious things, Black Force can create Terminators to dominate the whole universe. To prevent from that perilousness, Neros, Jazzmin and Kenji stay to help Kun fight back Black Force to rescue five planets. Since Black Force’s destructive power, the tiny heroes have to take care of the four precious. Then, they call out more and more people to be against Black Force, to make peace on the four planets, and the whole universe. By friendship, courage, clever the little heroes make a great team. Missions are completed. People are united. Black Force is down.