Wipro Unza Vietnam x Carrie Junior – Little Monster

Our client Carrie Junior is a kiddy shampoo brand. Talking about grabbing kids attention, there’s nothing much better than cartoon. This is why Carrie Junior decide to use a 30-second animated viral video for their campaign this time.

In our very first client meeting, Carrie Junior team do explain their idea of a little monster. After that, we try to turn the idea into an interesting screenplay and successfully win our client’s heart. Little Monster is then official idea for the advertising video. Sometimes, to win someone’s heart, all you do is use all of your effort, so that you will be in your best confidence and be more persuasive.

The main characters? Let’s find out! There are two main characters: little boy named Bu and Elephant the mascot. And sure how can we forget our two lovely extras: Squirrel and Turtle.


Bu Character designs for Bu by Le Huu Dat



Because Elephant is the main character as well as the brand’s mascot, we pay more attention to this character and eventually get this final look after quite a few rounds of revision.




Final look of the two main characters




One factor that we spent so much time and effort on is the environment, as it needs to give audiences a fresh feeling. Speaking of “fresh feeling”, you can see water in almost every scene: the lake, the waterfall, the shower scene, the flow of shower gel… Another noticeable element is the jungle in the beginning of the film, which helps express the product’s “nature” feel and look. Besides, there are also other effects such as: fruits that go with the flow of shower gel to show the natural of this product, or mud, and cutie bubbles (every kid loves blowing bubbles when showering, don’t they)…


Of course, we cannot complete this project without the help from our friends from Vietnam.
Client . Wipro Unza Vietnam
Production Colory Animation
Script Writer & Director Doan Tran Anh Tuan
Producer Doan Thuc Anh
Head of Communications Tu Doan
Concept Art &
Le Huu Dat


CG Director Nguyen Hoa Thanh
CG Lead Pham Chi Tem
CG Team Huynh Dan Khoa

Vu Van Toan

Animators Xan San

Nguyen Thi Lan Anh

Nguyen Thi Kim Thuan


System Admin &
Phan Hong Ngoc Chi
Diep Quoc Huy