Bơ – the Vietnamese digital human


She’s so pretty. Have I met her before?

Colory aims to make a Virtual Reality (VR) model on our own. We blend a mixture of many pretty faces to make the original VR one. That’s why this “hot girl” look may make you wonder: “She’s so pretty. Have I met her before?”.


In the making of this VR model, we always joke about making hair (and fur) for her. In real life, women tend to wax their hair for a better look. Yet in production life, when things need to be realistic and fancy at the same time, doing hair/fur for the model is what we’re passionate about.


We love this model so much and name her Bơ for her cold resting face. Bơ now is the Virtual Reality who has the largest number of Instagram followers in Vietnam. She now tries to update more about her life to get close to the fans. If you start to fall in love with Bơ, follow her here on Instagram.


Hard experiment pays off


Our producer is very enthusiastic to be one of the model. This helps her know well and improve the production line for our next AI model project (Sure, we will reveal it later when closing that one). We have first set up a model scanning to get as much as possible details from real model. The details then will be reflected on screen. We go through many scanning sessions to have the best results.


You may want to see some BTS photos. They are below for you interest.






scan 3


Final look. Ta-dah!




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