Bates CHI & Partners x Black Panther Stout Beer


Challenge Accepted:

Black Panther is a new beer brand from Cambodia. This is actually Colory’s first attempt to make realistic fur for a commercial ads. The requirement is rendering an 16k-image for a large scale (and cropped, in addition) print, with fur on top of it.

At first, it starts from just still images. We intend to use digital painting on top of stock image. However, for future proofing, our client decide to go with 3D solution, to enable the animated options if needed (yeah they was right, we end up with a short animation clip). The brief originates from Key Visual to video ads for running campaign on their social media like Youtube, Facebook… focusing on brand awareness of the panther image. This is also a chance for us to test our new production pipeline. 

Meow! Colory Did It!

First time messing with fur, realistic look, then movements. Quite challenging for our team. We overcome it by DYI our own panther model head, details of teeth, tongue… He looks powerful right. In some ways, panthers are like giant black cat that can roar. Moew.

We all know that, in the process, we render the eye balls separately then combine it together, our compositor just figure out this :)) How cute!

Bunches of Thanks To Our Client:

How can client put their belief knowing this is our very first attempt on doing realistic look? We actually show them our previous realistic project – which is also the first AI KOL in Vietnam (yeah, another story, another project, revealed soon). Anyway, thanks for believe in us, our dear client Bates CHI & Partners.

If you have a chance to travel to Cambodia, mind take a look at some billboard or chill some stout beer. Tell us what do you think about this “little black cat”?
Click hashtags on this Facebook post to have a full picture about this cat (sorry my bad) black panther beer. 


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