Colory Animation: When the young takes risk to succeed

Colory – a studio specializes in 3D animation, TVC, Game and other film, animation services… – was a phenomenon for their short film “Dưới bóng cây – In the shade of trees” (2011) which was very popular with young people.

Let’s have a chat with this talented young team with RGB!

Daring, courageous and bold are the impression that RGB had about Colory through their stories and the way they shared them. To succeed, it is a long story to tell and the story of Colory shows us that the way we see ourselves determines our success.


So Colory has come into operation for a while, according to you, what brings everyone together?

“Passion is what brings Colory’s members together, but what makes them stay for a long time are trust and patience. Trust might be the most important factor. When you believe in your own path, you will be more patient, and you will try harder to overcome upcoming obstacles.”, said Tuan Doan – CEO of Colory Animation.

Where do you usually find inspiration?

Our inspiration derives from interesting stories in real life, then, we tell them to everyone in a cuter, simple way, in Colory style. Or, it can come from our imagination. However, it doesn’t matter where it comes from, that idea still has to go through a lot of stages of  building, revising, improving till it becomes the final script.

Which film tells Colory’s story?

“Dưới bóng cây – In the shade of trees”. We are very risky, and in our opinion, you just need to think, and act as if you have already succeeded, then you will actually succeed (Fake it till you make it). In a way, the blue Mouse is the same. He wanted to be a hero, but he was just a very little and week animal. However, it was his brag that pushed him into an unexpected adventure. Stepping out of his comfort zone, Mouse had to make his own decision, and in that very moment, he became a hero, perhaps not the hero he always imagined, but the hero that was brave enough to save his friend.

When did you start making commercial videos for brands such as: Fristi, Bio Acimin, Vinaphone?

We all need to start from small things first, then little by little, we step to a higher place. At the beginning, Colory team did interior design for small coffee shops, 3D animation for music videos; after that, we produced animation videos for big brands such as: Vinaphone, Bio Acimin,… and especially, Fristi with the TV series “Cùng là dũng sĩ – Space Hero”.

Can you share with us the story behind “Cùng là dũng sĩ – Space Hero”?

Have you ever worked from 12 to 16 hours a day? Multiply that number by 365 (including holidays). Our team worked under high pressure and we hardly had days off in a whole year. What we achieved after that were priceless experience and the limit that were pushed further than ever before. Colory has grown up so much ever since.


Lu and Robo has recently won second prize for Colory in Vietnam – Korea animation festival, brought about new joy, new experience and further dreams.

Lu and Robo won second prize for Colory in Vietnam – Korea animation festival 2015, can you tell us a bit about this short film?

Lu and Robo was simply inspired by the Christmas spirit. The judges said that the reason why they gave us better score than other contestants was because it was…bizarre, but quite similar to the films in their country. They would love to meet us to talk more about this film.

Did you have any difficulty while making the film?

Thanh Nguyen, Co-founder of Colory said: “Actually Lu and Robo were originally two different demo videos. We made the first one a year ago to present it at a meeting with Disney Asia. It took us only 1 week to finish it, on that morning before we attended the meeting. A while after that, we continued making the second video, the one where the 2 characters danced, only a few seconds but it took us 2 weeks working day and night to meet the deadline. So it can be said that we spent a year on this project.”

Watch Lu and Robo here: 

Source: RGB.VN